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My name is Julius (@juliu) and this is the third iteration on a tool to help you find charities you can trust.

More about my personal motivations and other work at

First attempt

In 2006 I created It had about 300+ accounts and over 100 charity projects. After a few years I had to pull the plug, because I couldn't find the time to do it properly. More about


Ten years later, in 2016, I made a new attempt with a more clear focus; It was no longer a social network, but a search engine for all charities in the world. More and more relevant context could be added, perhaps in later stages even social. After a couple of months, I ran into technical problems when my database grew and put the project on pause.


At then end of 2019 I rebooted the project and decided the platform had to run on public data, should be open source (code on Github), and I would automate as much as possible with scripts, allowing me to add more content and features with as little time as possible.

Follow the progress at @charitiusorg.

Core principles

  1. Quick & simple to use
  2. Global
    There is no need to limit your search by base country.
  3. You are in control

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